Adventures at Steves

Onward towards Magewood

And the party sets out, after settling some personal scores and deciding who gets boomstick in the cart. Setting out on a 1 day trip to Magewood the party

The mayor has a request ....

Mayor Greyroot applauds the heroes? for their valiant and close victory and proposes their 1st mission for the City of Steelpass. Within the surrounding woods the Hamlet of Magewood is suffering. The simple townsfolk, farmers and laborers, have complained about being harassed and raided by thugs. Their mission, should they choose to accept it, is to root out and take care of the indecent men and women tormenting the town.

Tim the self appointed leader speaks first, “and what do we receive for assisting these people?”
“Well the feeling of doing good and fighting bad people, you know hero stuff”
After very little consideration he has decided he would prefer to take Mayor Greyroot’s place instead as Mayor of Steelpass. A brief but pointless bout of diplomacy follows and Tim is granted the mayorship if he assists Magewood. The party sets out the following day after some prep and team building exercises.

Challengers have entered the games.

Alex, Nancy, Johnny the Red Rocket Lobster 5, Steve and Tar of Get answered the call to complete in the arena at Steelpass to face off against a horde of 10 less than friendly criminals. Though Tar was almost brought low due to an overwhelming slew of attacks, Nancy’s healing and Alex’s uplifting? tunes kept him in the fight while Steve cut some cons down and Red pelted the enemy from afar. Now that they are victorious, what awaits our party next? How long with Red’s antics be tolerated? Was that a ghost or are Nancys belongings floating on their own?

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